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Living Trust Savings

How much do I really save by having a Living Trust

Legal Issues for Senior Citizens

• What is the difference between medicare and medi-cal?
• How can i be prepared in case I become incapacitated?

Inheritance and Probate Topics

• Will my beneficiaries’ inheritance be taxed as long as my estate is worth less than $1.5 million?
• Is a probate avoided upon my death as long as I have a Will?
• Is it possible to minimize or eliminate my inheritance tax by simply gifting away assets prior to my death?
• Are the only real benefits of a Living Trust the children/beneficiaries after a death occurs ?
• Is the cost of a Court probate proceeding usually worth it?

Inheritance and Probate Topics

• What documents other than a living trust are usually included in a comprehensive estate plan?
• Doesn’t a living trust only benefit my children/heirs as it avoids probate after I have died?

Healthcare Power of Attorney and Life-sustaining care Topics

• With all the recent news regarding the Schiavo case, what are my options under California Law in regards to life-sustaining care?
• How do I designate someone to make emergency healthcare decisions for me when I am unable to do so?
• Is my existing “Health care power of attorney/durable power of attorney for healthcare” executed before 2000 still effective?