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You want to meet one-on-one with a local, experienced attorney; not a paralegal; not a large law firm. You want to be able to ask questions and get plain, simple answers. I have 36+ years of experience as a lawyer in California. I manage my own law office–you will not be “handed off” to anyone else. My office is in La Mirada where I was raised and where I live. I am “av” rated by Martindale Hubbell Law Directory, the highest possible rating for ethics and competence from the respected authority on attorneys.

Admitted to practice law :

• 1980, State of California
• 1981, U.S. District Court, Central District of California.

Law School :

• Juris Doctorate, 1980, Southwestern University.

College :

• Bachelor of Arts, 1977
• Loyola Marymount University, B.A.


• Los Angeles County Bar Association; Southeast District Bar Association; State Bar of California.

Honors & Activities :

• President, La Mirada Chamber of Commerce, 1989-1990
• Distinguished Past President, La Mirada Kiwanis Club, 1998-1999
• City of La Mirada Volunteer of the Year, 1997

Marketing through social media

Over the past few years, the use of social media and web sites has increased several times, making the social network a powerful new marketing tool. Marketing through social media has proven to be effective, as access to social media sites is much higher. You can write about how important business is to connect to a constantly growing client base on social networking sites. Looking at how the demographics of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn rose, companies could no longer ignore the idea of marketing through social networks. Marketing on social media allows companies or organizations to receive feedback directly from customers. Marketing through social media is also useful and effective, as companies can easily get consumer trend analysis and instantly set up marketing campaigns to attract a large number of consumers

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Brand management is a process that makes competition a brand, starting with the creation of a brand. Managing the brand includes the effective use of various media to create identification information for the product, as well as the impact on the target database. You can discuss how clients can be loyal to brands as soon as they feel good with a brand after their first experience with the product. You can say that companies should take into account when managing the brand on the market. The competent brand management helps the organization build large corporate image, and therefore brand management plays an important role in the marketing of business

Mobile promotions: Last trend

Advertising plays an important role in effectively reaching the target audience and contributing to business development. This has been proven for various companies and hence the growing demand for advertising campaigns. The latest trend, the mobile advertising campaign has become very popular with the increasing use of mobile phones all over the globe. One of the reasons for advertising campaigns, which should be preferred to business, is the wider reach of the target audience. Another advantage is that companies can easily campaign on a specific location. You can discuss how the use of mobile phones has increased over the years and how it has turned into a powerful gadget, which now allows the user to do a lot of things, including purchases, banking, booking of tickets, payment of invoices, and so on, mobile advertising campaigns are effective. You can write about how the use of smartphones and the user’s need to access information about them make mobile advertising campaigns popular. You can also discuss various options for the campaign, such as research, target audience, budget, subject, and execution

Value-based marketing

The concept of value-based marketing is not new and is visible to different types of industries. Cost-based marketing helps companies build strong relationships with clients. You can discuss factors that affect the marketing of a product based on cost. In addition, you can make some improvements to products that add more value to the client’s point of view. You can discuss various issues that will help the company get the right marketing strategy. In addition, it is important to emphasize how important it is for companies to continuously monitor data that is read by the client over a period of time to understand and make the necessary changes to the value of the product

Marketing strategies of popular companies

There are so many companies that have indicated a trend in certain marketing strategies. Companies such as Pepsi, Levi’s, Coca-Cola, Amazon, and so on have innovative marketing strategies that follow a large number of other small companies around the world and have proven to be effective. You can examine marketing strategies and activities of one of these popular companies and express their opinions about its effectiveness and main provisions. You can also present your analysis of the study that you are carrying according to the company’s market strategy

Why is the client’s opinion important?

Feedback and feedback from clients play an important role in any business. It is important that companies pay attention to the customer’s opinion on products and services to continuously improve the standards of services and products according to the changing needs of the new customer. Taking into account the views of clients, from time to time also helps improve relations with customers, as they think that the company cares about its opinion, and in the longer term the company gets more and more loyal customers. You can develop any experience that you may experience and the instances that made you loyal to the customer after the company has implemented your offers or feedback. You can discuss how important it is to the company to give the client the opportunity to criticize and learn from the feedback provided by the customer. Customer feedback sometimes helps companies analyze certain trends among consumers, and companies can get a hint about changing technology or other aspects to create better products.

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  • The basics of marketing
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